Galltec-Mela logo Humidity measuring technology - high quality

Technical data

Relative humidity
0...100 % RH
0 ... +50 °C
-30 ... +70 °C
0 ... +100 °C
Signal output
0...1 V
0...10 V
4...20 mA
Supply voltage
6 ... 30 V DC / 6 ... 26 V AC
15 ... 30 V DC / 13 ... 26 V AC
10 ... 25 V DC

DI - Indoor

Humidity and temperature transmitter - highly accurate and easy to install


  • Operating temperatures up to 60 °C
  • Accuracy RH.: ± 2,5 % RH
  • Accuracy T.: ±0,25 K (with voltage output)
  • Accuracy T.: ±0,4 K (with current output)
  • Electronics based on micro controller
  • Easy to install


  • Display

The integral measuring chamber is separated from the transmitter electronics, this ensures effective ventilation of the humidity and temperature sensing elements. The measured values are analysed based on individually recorded calibration values in the flash memory and are digitally processed to issue the voltage and current signals.

Easy to install with Clip-in cover
The mounting case has a simple, robust locking mechanism. The electronics is located in the upper section of the mounting case. Once the base part has been installed, the upper section can be mounted and secured (at a later date) – no tools required.

Often used in

  • Building construction
  • Cooling & air conditioning in trains
  • Drying of tea, corn, meat
  • Energy and environmental technologies
  • HVAC and building automation
  • Museums & archives
  • Offices & public buildings
  • Private homes
  • Shipping containers (or refrigerated containers)
  • Storage & transport of fruits, vegetables, meat
  • Warehousing and transport
  • Wine cellar, cabinets and storage
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