Galltec-Mela logo Humidity measuring technology - high quality

Technical data

Relative Humidity
0...100 % RH
0 ... +50 °C
-30 ... +70 °C
0 ... +100 °C
Dew point temperature
Wet bulb temperature
Absolute humidity

Mixing ratio
-20 ... +70 °C
-10 ... +50 °C
0 ... 20g/m3
0 ... 100g/m3

0 ... 100g/kg dry air
0 ... 80kJ/kg
Signal output
0...1 V
0...10 V
4...20 mA
Supply voltage
6 ... 30 V DC / 6 ... 26 V AC
15 ... 30 V DC / 13 ... 26 V AC
10 ... 30 V DC

DK - Duct mounted

Humidity and temperature transmitter - highly accurate and easy to install


  • Operating temperatures up to 80 °C
  • Accuracy H.: ± 2 % RH
  • Accuracy T.: ±0,2 K (with voltage output)
  • Accuracy T.: ±0,3 K (with current output)
  • On-site calibration
  • Electronics based on micro controller
  • Easy to install
  • With the highly dynamic capacitive MELA® sensor element


  • hx converter
  • USB port
  • Display
  • IP65

Humidity Sensor DKF
Humidity Temperature Sensor DKK

Excellent transmitter – highly accurate and easy to install. The industrial versions DK (duct mounted version) can be used at operating temperatures between -30 to 80 °C. Equipped with the highly dynamic capacitive MELA® sensor element for the entire range of relative humidity measurement. Mounted in air ducts a mounting flange is required.

Hx converter for calculating derived humidity variables
The integrated hx processor uses the values for relative humidity and temperature to calculate the dew point, enthalpy, mixing ratio, absolute humidity or wet bulb temperature. Depending on customer preferences, any two of these values can be captured at two analogue outputs using standardized signals.

USB Port
Output variables can be freely configured via USB port.

Easy to install
The housing provides protection in accordance with IP 65. Only a single screw is required to close it securely.

Often used in

  • Agriculture & food industry
  • Bakery technology
  • Building construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Clean rooms
  • Cooling & air conditioning
  • Cooling & air conditioning in trains
  • Data centers
  • Drying of tea, corn, meat
  • Environmental technology
  • Food technology
  • Green house technology
  • HVAC and building automation
  • Livestock husbandry
  • Maturing of food
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Semi-industrial applications
  • Shipping containers (or refrigerated containers)
  • Storage
  • Storage & transport of fruits, vegetables, meat
  • Warehousing
  • Warehousing and transport
  • Wind turbines
  • Wine cellar, cabinets and storage
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