Galltec-Mela logo Humidity measuring technology - high quality

Technical data

Measuring element
Control range
40...90 % RH
>6000 switching cycles
Accuracy at 23 °C
Influence of temp. at 23 °C
≤ ±3 % RH (at 48 % RH)
≤ ± 0.2 % RH / K
Changeover contact max. 5 A
Breaking capacity max. 250 V AC
Ohmic load, dehumidification 0.1...5A
Ohmic load, humidification 0.1...2A
Inductive load 0.1...1A (power factor >0.8)
Gold contact max. 100 mA
Breaking capacity max. 250 V AC and
1...100 mA
The measuring element is maintenance-free in pure ambient air

Indoor humidistat HGMini

ON/OFF controller, water-resistant POLYGA® measuring element


  • Operating temp. up to 60 °C
  • Accuracy: ±3 % RH
  • Robust
  • Long-term stability
  • Washable Polyga® measuring element
  • High accuracy in the high humidity range
  • No external power supply required

On-off controller
The HG Mini serves as an on-off controller for regulating relative air humidity. It’s suitable for controlling air humidifiers and dehumidifiers in various environments, including offices, computer rooms, food storage, cooling rooms, greenhouses, textiles, printing, film production, and healthcare facilities.

Remarkably straightforward and durable design
Our Humidistats feature a simple and robust design. The Polyga® measuring element is a unique hygroscopic fibre that changes its length depending on the humidity. The changes in length of the POLYGA® fibres are transferred via a lever system to a microswitch, resulting in an on/off controller that needs no auxiliary power supply.

Waterresistent and maintenance-free
It has unparalleled long-term stability and is 100 % waterproof, which makes it ideal for use in high humidity. In pure ambient air the measurement element is maintenance-free.

Internal scale and adjusting knob
The HG Mini-i version was designed so that the control knob and scale are inside the housing. This makes unauthorized adjustments more difficult.

Often used in

  • Agriculture & food industry
  • Bakery technology
  • Building construction
  • Cooling & air conditioning
  • Cooling & air conditioning in trains
  • Energy and environmental technologies
  • Environmental technology
  • Food technology
  • Green house technology
  • HVAC and building automation
  • Livestock husbandry
  • Maturing of food
  • Museums & archives
  • Offices & public buildings
  • Paper & print
  • Private homes
  • Storage
  • Storage & transport of fruits, vegetables, meat
  • Swimming pools & Spa
  • Warehousing
  • Warehousing and transport
  • Wind turbines
  • Wine cellar, cabinets and storage
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